In the Mirror

DJR gave me a great idea! When reading a book, he analyzes which techniques the writer uses. It seems so simple, but could be invaluable.

Pen & InkOne thing I am looking forward to when we have a new place is not having the television in the same room as the computer. That way I can have a real writing space and be able to concentrate better.

I started a new journal with an idea from the writing prompts from the Writer's Digest site. Basically each day's writing is themed for one of the five senses. So I did to poems today on the theme of sight. I imagine I'll get better and more creative at it as time goes on.

Really, I'm doing anything I can to stimulate my artistic side. I have to if I want to get into the program at York. Since I'll be applying as a mature student, I'll be facing stiff competition. I can't let the youngins', all the 'baby pups' take my spot!

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