Daily Archives November 20, 2003

Old Fogey

I don't know what it is. But ever since we moved to the new place, I've been waking up at like 8am, and if I'm up past midnight anymore, it's a miracle. At the old place, I'd easily stay up to 3am, and since Chris doesn't go into work until 11am, I was able to sleep in.

Maybe it's because we now have something to look forward to. Waking up in a cramped, messy bachelor apartment wasn't something either of us looked forward to.

My only complaint is that I used to do my best writing at night. Lately, I've been consumed with making more jewelry designs for the holidays (mostly because we spent so much money on stuff for the new place that now we will be tight for Christmas) and haven't even started on my submission for The Star contest...

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