Monthly Archives June 2006

Late-Night Ambient Adventure

Looking for some good ambient music to chill out to? I discovered the dub beautiful collective on iTunes, and I have been listening to it every night when I stay up past 3am writing. Sometimes words are too distracting when you are trying to get your thoughts down.

On their site, you can download a bunch of tracks. My favorite artist is Aes Dana. You can also listen to and shop for music by Aes Dana and other artists at

You should also check out OEM Radio for "ambient, IDM, downtempo, breakbeat, dub, glitch, minimal techno, psychedelic chill, and many other not-so-easily categorized sounds". You can listen to it from their site, or via Shoutcast™

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Radio Nigel

My new favorite internet radio station is Radio Nigel (courtesy of iTunes).

Siouxsie, Devo, The Smiths, The Specials, Madness, The Pretenders, Depeche Mode, Flesh For Lulu…all good. Check it out!

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Early Morning Baking Adventure

Best. Muffins. EVER!Would it be strange to bake muffins at 1:17 in the morning?

I thought they would be a nice treat for Chris, since he is flying home on the red-eye. At least I think he is.

He sent me one very short email that he wasn't even sure which flight he would be taking home, and I haven't talked to him since he left, so for all I know he could be on his way home right now. Or not until tomorrow morning.

Either way, some banana chocolate chip muffins sound good right about now, since I hardly ever bake anymore (gotta watch those carbs!).

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