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Impending Doom

10 days until the Star's short story contest entries are due and I haven't started mine yet.  I think I've been procrastinating for a few reasons:

1 – I'm not sure that my style of writing is something they would publish in the Sunday paper, let alone award the prize to

2- I'm chicken.

The thing is I know I will feel guilty if I don't at least make an attempt at writing something (even if it is half-assed). So, basically this leaves me with one week to write and edit the entire story, while also hand-delivering it, since I have left it to the very last minute.

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In Need Of Inspiration

So, I have been procrastinating on this since late October.  I want to enter the Toronto Star Short Story Contest.  I DESPERATELY want the grand prize, tuition to the Humber School For Writers.  I know it is a long shot to actually win it – but I will kick myself (like I do every year) if I don't send in a submission.  The deadline is December 31.

So, my main problem is, I have a few general ideas, which could work. The problem?  The short story contest is more of a short-short story contest – entries can not be longer than 2500 words.  The short-short story is a different beast than a regular short story.  You don't have the time or space to flesh out an entire plot with fully realized characters, conflict & resolution.  That is why I am stuck.

Normally, I would lay the groundwork befor...

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