Room With A View

After brainstorming on 4 different short story ideas over the past week, I finally settled on one for my entry for the Candlelight Anthology.

t took me 2 days and approx. 6 pages of handwritten notes to flesh out the plot and piece it together so it made sense, but having finally decided that I had as much of it pieced together as I could to get started on it – I got started on it!

In just over 2 hours, I produced almost 1200 words – not bad, but I still don't really have a feel for it yet. It's funny though – the piece I wrote for the Northern Haunts Anthology had to be under 700 words, so this time around, I almost feel as though I am being too wordy. It took me a while to edit my NH piece down, and it took a few rewrites (and starting the story a lot later chronologically than I had originally planned) to get it going, but in the end, I guess I was successful seeing as it was accepted and will be in print very soon! Let's hope I do as well with this next piece.

Either way, with anywhere from 2000 to 5000 words to play with this time around, it feels pretty roomy! Let's hope I don't get lost in the world I'm creating this time around!

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