After last night's 11pm coffee fix, I almost couldn't turn my brain off, and ended up writing for another 3 hours. I suppose I shouldn't complain – there was a time where words failed to come to me at all, so really the inconvenience of having to get out of bed at 3am, turn the light back on and scribble down a page of composition wasn't really an inconvenience.

What is it about that state between wakefulness and sleep that makes me so much more creative? Maybe I need to take catnaps at my desk as a way to invoke that mindset, because I always seem to come up with great stuff then.

It's called the hypnagogic state, which I've always thought would be the perfect name for a magazine. In fact, it's kind of the state I try to portray in my writing – that fuzzy space where dreams are not really dreams but disconnected sequences of random people and places, where voices echo and weave with music, creating a soundtrack that invokes reverie and you are just an apparition set adrift within it.

Music: Solar Fields: Detection (partially detected mix)
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[audio:Solar Fields - Detection.mp3]

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