I'm starting to hear my main character's voice in my head while I write. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?!  I can tell I'm deep into the story now, because I tend to think almost hyperactively, type furiously and flit around the house doing this and that and so-many-different-things-all-at-the-same-time. Phew!

Either way, between struggling to get even a handful of incoherent thoughts down and those rare moments where the words seem to flow from some other place in my mind, I am coming to the end of my first very, very rough draft.  Then the fun really begins – editing, layering, and adding in all the juicy bits that make the story really come to life.

I finally made a collage for the story. I only started doing this recently, and even then I stuck to strictly getting photos of celebrities who I thought could "play" my characters.  Now I've got an entire theme going – and it's fantastic!

Does this photo cause any ideas to stir within you? Intrigue you? Creep you out? Conjure up memories of something carnivalesque? Maybe you want to write something of your own. Go on – do it! And please…do share!

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