There’s Writin’ To Do!

I'm pulling a Doctor Houseman (of Dirty Dancing fame) and putting anything non-NaNo related in the corner.

NaNoWriMo starts in 9 days and I'm scrambling to finish my outline. I foolishly had grand plans to continue working on my shorter pieces while I do NaNo. Yeah – I think I was a little delusional when I came up with that idea. The 3 short stories I've got in various stages of progress are firmly set on the back burner now.

So, in keeping with my plan to stay focused, I'm making a declaration. Anything that is not NaNo related is getting put in the corner – starting today.  Food? If it can't be scarfed down in 10 minutes or less, it doesn't belong on my plate/in my bowl. Cup a Soup? Perfect! Boil me some water and let's get on with it! Salad? A few lettuce leaves, a couple of cucumber chunks, maybe a tomato or two. Carrots? No time to peel, I've got writin' to do!

Coffee? ~duh~ Of course! The more caffeine, the more productive I become. I can plot while the pot is a' brewin'.

Laundry? I've spent the last 2 days whittling down the pile so I don't have to bother with it. Lint traps are pristine. Dust bunnies may just get a reprieve for now – so hippity-hoppity all you want, I've got writin' to do!

The phone? Nope. Not gonna answer it. Telemarketers, be damned. In fact – I'm unplugging it! You're all going to voicemail! Got no time for chit-chat – there's writin' to do!


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