I’m All Out Of Love

Artist Story – I've fallen out of love with you. Okay…..maybe I'm just playing hard to get.

The Paring Down? Not going so well. Yesterday, the story clocked in at a whopping 15634 words. At which point, I stopped myself and decided to face facts. That continuing to barrel forward with the story and only fixing it through editing just wasn't going to fly.

Okay, on to Draft Two. I cut a bunch of stuff – stuff that I feel is important and kind of intriguing, but maybe a little boring, as it's all exposition (i.e. information the protagonist only learns by reading a journal).

It's still over 6000 words. And I'm still not done! So, my playing Dr. Frankenstein today is going to have to wait until I, once again, brainstorm, maybe pick an even later starting point for the story, and figure out just what needs to be in there – as opposed to what I want in there.

Or I could just write a novella.


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