During NaNoWriMo, I made a bunch of mixed CDs to listen to while writing. I admit that, by the end of the month, I was so sick of those songs that I packed them away for a good month or two. But now, in the midst of a writing slump, I’ve decided to pull them out once again and see if they have the Pavlovian response I’m hoping for.

So many articles about writer’s block tell you to set up a certain time of day, or place, or some other ‘hook’ that will teach your brain to get into writer-mode everytime you come back. I don’t see why music can’t also have that effect.

So, I’m putting out the bait and seeing if I can trick my writer-self into falling for it.

Today, I’m starting with Writing Mix 1. Let the experiment begin!

Click to listen to my playlist: Pavlovian", posted with vodpod

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