WIP Wednesday: WIP It Good

In life, we all need the kind of friend who will tell us when we’ve got something stuck between our teeth, or who isn’t afraid to let us know when we could use a breath mint.

Being a writer is no different. Because sometimes, after spending days, hours or even weeks working on one piece, it isn’t uncommon to contract a case of tunnel vision.

I had what I thought was a pretty good story going. Atmospheric beginning? Check. Creepy things afoot? Check? The story was going along well…until…well, you know how sometimes saying a word over and over again can make it lose all meaning? So, too, can working and reworking (perhaps overworking?) that one beloved piece of writing.

I admit it…my story needs more work. Every now and then I slipped into the passive voice. Yes, there were a few places where I forgot to change the spelling of my antagonist’s name. And alright…I get it…it could do with a better build-up of suspense, and the ending needs some slight tweaking. Thankfully I had a friend who wasn’t afraid to give me a little reality check. And I’m thankful for that!

It’s never too late to make your work better. As writers, we primp and preen and finesse every word; we tame every stray plot thread with a final spit-shine. But before we decide to showcase each piece, no matter how good we think we are, it’s always best to get a second, third or fourth opinion.

Besides, what kind of writer would I be if I allowed said story to leave my outbox with toilet paper stuck to the bottom of its shoe?

Right. So, here’s the meat you came looking for:
WIP #1: a short story I’ll be subbing to Pill Hill Press. Quick rewrite, which I hope to finish by Friday
WIP #2: outlining my NaNo project. Still brainstorming on that one, but planning to start the actual outlining on Monday – yikes!

Join me Friday for my 2nd attempt at Friday Flash!

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    • Isn’t it strange how easily we can recognize the brilliance in others but not ourselves? And yes – thank god for those who recognize our not-quite-as-brilliant words. They should be paid – in cookies! 🙂

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