Weekly Writing Check-in: Oct. 5 to 11

As you can see from my posts and tweets, NaNo is taking up all my time. My constantly talking about outlining is probably only interesting to me – but it is part of the process. I originally wanted to post my actual tasks each day (see the Day One outlining post); but since I'm outlining all my stories at once, it's kind of impossible to stick to that schedule. And thus, no regimented accomplishments to report.

Either way, I did manage to quell my self-doubt about the project. I'm digging my heels in and am currently laying out the plot of each piece. Right now, I'm getting into the motivations of the characters. Sure, sometimes things just happen because the antagonist is nuts – but there has to be a reason for his nuttiness, and that's what I'm trying to weave into the story.

So even though I feel that I'm behind where I should be, I know that by the time I'm finished with all the planning, I'll have a little packet of info for each story and when it comes time to write, I can sit down at my desk every morning, open up my formatted outline and just get down to business.

In other news, Only Our Dust was rejected again. I honestly figured it would be (I submitted it to one of Duotrope's 25 Most Challenging Fiction Markets), so I wasn't too upset about it. Now the task is to find a new market to sub it to. Problem is – most are closed to subs right now.

Still haven't managed to fit #fridayflash into my weekly schedule, either. I do have a cool idea for it – I just need to squeeze it in there somewhere. Since I'm not doing any writing right now, I'm starting to feel that itch, which is both a good & bad thing – with the bad being that creeping grumpiness that comes when I'm not writing…my fellow writers know what I mean.


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