WIP Wednesday: ToNaNo

It wouldn't be NaNo if I weren't scrambling to finish my outline.

Yup, only 4 days and I'm still not finished. Chalk it up to real life distractions, wavering on my project choice, and a little procrastination.

But I'll be okay. Considering the first time I did NaNo, I had only completed half of my outline and I still managed to "win", I know I'll pull it out somehow. Being somewhat behind trumps the excitement I feel for Sunday. It's like New Year's Day for book geeks, so full of promise. It really does take a completely different mindset than your average writing. Let's hope I can get out of my own way and just let the words flow.

Being fueled by Halloween candy will surely help…

Are you participating in NaNoWriMo this year? Add me as a friend! And Toronto NaNo'ers on Twitter – tweet you later!


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    • That sounds divine – 10,000 words!

      I’m with you – as long as I know the basics of the stories (which might be easier since I’m doing a collection), I think I should be okay. Just have to quell my inner perfectionist and remember that no matter how much I plan, the story may just take a route of its own.

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