Freelance Life Recap – Week 2

It's only my second recap week (although I did write a few articles at the end of December) and I've already learned a lesson: it's easy to burn yourself out.

I knew this already. I learned this when I used to run an online shop selling beaded jewelry & knitted/crocheted items that I made. You wear different hats when you work for yourself. Designer, marketer, sales, technical support, website developer, etc. You have no choice.

It's the same with freelance writing. If I don't tell anyone about my pieces, no one will know. At the same time, no one wants to hear me only talking about myself. 

So, this week, I found myself trying to balance the workload with networking, as well as keeping in touch with my writing friends and doing a little personal writing on the side.

I did alright. I feel like my online life – blogging, Tweeting, interacting – has suffered a bit, which may seem like a good thing productivity-wise, but those relationships are about more than just screwing around online all day. I'm hoping that once I get into a good groove, I'll be able to balance everything better.

On that note, regardless of how busy I've been, I'm still having fun writing for Examiner! I've been getting positive feedback and it's great that people are enjoying my work.

Here's a quick recap of my articles for the week. Don't be scared – most aren't too long 😉

I'd love it if you could take a peek, maybe post a comment or vote in a few of the Lunchtime Polls!

Thanks again for reading! I should also have some exciting news to share soon – just waiting for it to be official!


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