Writing Wednesday: Mopping Up

In my current #WIP, there is some mopping up to be done by my 2 main characters. It's a gruesome task in comparison to the mopping up I am doing in preparation for the long weekend (i.e. laundry, making picnic plans, final edits of the aforementioned tale).

So, even though I feel like this is the never-ending edit, things could be much worse. Wait till you read what task they are tackling :)

I plan to take it easy for the next few days, but that doesn't mean I won't still sneak in some brainstorming for other WIPs. Besides, what better way to do so than staring up at the clouds from under a shady tree?

In other writing news:

  • One of my fave Brits and constant source of inspiration DJR has finished the first draft of his latest novel, Dog Eat Dog. Cannot wait to read it!
  • I hear the first edition of the Red Penny Papers is going to be stellar, with pieces so far from Aaron & Cate. I better finish my submission and hope it gets accepted
  • Barry Napier really is conquering the writing world with the acceptance of his poetry collection, A Mouth For Picket Fences. GO Barry!
  • I'm completely jealous that my fellow hi-fiver Katey is going to the Mutter Museum to do a little research! Yes – medical oddities are fun!
  • Miss Beanses has started posting snippets of stories that will appear in the From The Dark Side Anthology. Looking forward to reading more!

Funny how it's Summer and I seem busier now more than ever. I guess when you're freelancing, it's harder to differentiate between seasons. Or week. Or days. Or hours.

Fellow WIP Wednesday posse:

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Music Monday – Far Away Trains Passing By

Far Away Trains Passing ByI know you're probably sick of hearing me go on about my ambient music obsession. So, you may be just as enthused as I am to have something new to gush about.

Dark ambient is perfect for Winter writing time, but Spring & Summer are made for something lighter and brighter.

One of my fave people in the world and an awesome writer to boot, David, shared a little video of his recent road trip. Not only was it cool to see him in action (since we have not met IRL yet – pesky ocean between Canada & the UK and all…), but the video was extra cool for me because I got to see him driving in his now infamous car, through the sunny streets of Wells, with the perfect driving-through-the-sunny-streets-of-Wells song playing.

The song in question is A Million Miles Away by Ulrich Schnauss but I am equally in love with the title track Far Away Trains Passing By, Suddenly The Trees Are Giving Way and Wherever You Are.

Music: Ulrich Schnauss: A Million Miles Away – Far Away Trains Passing By

click below to listen!

Ulrich Schnauss – A Million Miles Away.mp3