Writing Wednesday: Deadlines for Flitters

Photo: Ali TaylorDeadlines are a good thing for flitters like me.

My WIP pile is evidence of the creative chaos in which I work. With a billion and one projects on the go right now, it speaks a lot to my need for some sort of schedule.

When I am working on a story that doesn't have a specific deadline in mind, it's easy to get caught up in every minute detail or simply flit from one project to the next and never finish anything.

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So, when I heard about WeSeWriMo (Web Series Writing Month), I was instantly curious.

NaNoWriMo is good for me. Sure, it's a crazy undertaking, but having that specific deadline and daily word count to work toward is made for me.I've been wanting to offer some free/minimal payment content for a while now, and an online serial has always been on my to-do list.

So, I have decided to take up the challenge. I'm a bit worried that our annual camping trip might hinder my progress a bit – but then again I tend to get up early when we're camping – and what better setting to jot down some words than sitting lakeside every morning with my cup of brewed-over-the-campfire coffee?

Come August, I'm taking the plunge. Care to join me?

In other news, I've got a pile of stories to be read that rivals my mountain of WIPs. With tales from Jenny Hudock, Barry Napier, Aaron Polson, R. Van Saint, and Jason Tucker, to name just a handful, I've got loads of inspiration just waiting for me to partake.

Black Wreath by M. JonesI've also started reading Melissa Jones' Black Wreath. M is actually the culprit responsible for letting me know about WeSeWriMo in the first place, so if you are looking for a dark mystery with an exquisitely distinctive voice, check it out!

All in all, there is always a lot going on and that's how I like it.

WIP WednesdayMy Current WIPS

  • final edits to tweet-inspired tale, i.e. sprinkling it with Creep and Cringe
  • lightbulb moment with one of the stories from my NaNo 2010 collection; plan to finish and submit it next week
  • ideas brewing for WeSeWriMo

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12 Responses to Writing Wednesday: Deadlines for Flitters

  1. When I was in college, I was so productive because I had concrete deadlines I had to meet with fiction projects every week. Now I have to impose personal deadlines and stick to them or it’s chaos. Oh wait, it already is. Interesting stuff about WeSeWriMo… Maybe I should check it out to get one of my novel WIPs finished. Thanks!
    .-= Jenny Beans´s last blog ..Tuesday is for Tesla =-.

  2. I know nano-type stuff doesn’t work for a lot of people– people who enjoy sabotaging themselves– but I think it’s pretty fun to thrown down the gauntlet… with myself. Er. Wait.

    WeSeWriMo sounds cool as hell– I’ll watch with interest to see what you come up with! Mmmm creative chaos FTW.
    .-= Katey´s last blog ..Sensational! =-.

    • Now that I have embraced my creative chaos, it’s going to get all crazy up in here!

      Hehe – your comment made me visualize a very anti-climactic throwing down of the gauntlet…to myself…in an otherwise empty room.

  3. I need deadlines. If I have a note pinned up on the wall telling me what I need to achieve then I got into competition with myself and have to beat it. No note pinned on wall and nothing gets done.

  4. I have the exact same problem. I’m HORRIBLY disorganized, too. I blame my ADD/OCD for it, though I really need to come up with a system for getting things done – soon! I know deadlines will likely be involved in some fashion. I’ll definitely need to check out WeSeWriMo, mayhap that’ll help! 🙂
    .-= Jim Ryan´s last blog ..And Now an Interview with Jennifer Hudock =-.

    • You could always use it to finish one of your ongoing projects. Either way, I’m convinced full plates keep us more sane than empty ones.

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