Music Monday – Of Darkness

Droning soundscapes. Swirling undertones. Percolating noise. This is the soundtrack to which many of my stories take shape.

I have a list of go-to bands that work perfectly for writing mode. So while there may be a similar thread to the stories I write, it's cool that each one has its own personality, even though many have been born under the same musical score.

If my current story had a soundtrack, it would include whipping wind against rusted metal, dripping water into murky puddles and the rustling of shapes in translucent shrouds.

I hope it gives readers a sense of foreboding and wilts their spirit so they have to sleep with one eye open 🙂

What are you listening to these days? How does it effect your writing? If you could compile the perfect soundtrack to your current #WIP, what would it be and why?

Music: Svartsinn: Towards the Dark & Cold

click below to listen!

Svartsinn_04_Towards The Dark And Cold.mp3

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  1. Heidi

    Currently there’s a lot of Depeche Mode, Cure, Dead can Dance, Faith & the Muse, Collide and Android Lust on my listening list for the WIP. One of the characters has more of an edgy personality so, there’s a smattering of punk & post-punk music mixed in.

    For me there’s a main mix for atmosphere, then sub lists for characters.

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