Off The Blog Wagon

Things are a bit crazy around here, and I think my exile from socializing might continue for a little while longer.

As I mentioned, I've picked up some new freelancing work, so I'm trying to keep up with the old stuff while getting some new topics going. I'm also finishing up the design and content for Miss Write, which will be launching by the end of the weekend (I hope!). It won't have much content to begin with because I was going to wait until September to launch it, but I'm running an ad in the digital edition of Shroud so I wanted to get the site up now. But just you wait! I've got many things planned for the site and I'm super-stoked and inspired about it. It will include some of my writing articles plus tons of new content, so stay tuned!

I decided to make the decision to drop WeSeWriMo. I hate to do it but things are just too nuts right now. We just came back from vacation, and we go camping in about 3 weeks. All of this, coupled with my juggling of work stuff, and I needed to let something go before I go b-a-n-a-n-a-s.

I hope to get at least some fiction writing in these next few weeks – because I will certainly become Miss Grumpy if I don't – but I'm not sure how much it will be. 

Summer is supposed to be for vacation, right?! I feel busier now more than ever.

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