Writing Wednesday – Final Countdown

Planning for NaNoWriMo is going. Slowly – but it's going.

I pretty much have the basic story in my head. Right now I am just trying to make sense of all my brainstorms, questions, ideas and research.

Even though all my brainstorms are a bit dizzying, a few gems do come out of the process – not only for this book but the 1st one as well.

As I mentioned, I never did finish the 1st book. Mostly because I didn't know how I wanted it to end. But knowing now that these 2 books are connected, I am finding some common threads that I can carry through both (and a little added creepiness that I can inject into the first book).

The good news is all this prep is making me more and more excited to start writing.

Miss WriteAnd even if I'm still outlining up until the last day, at least it will all be fresh in my mind when I sit down and start tapping away come November 1st.

Are you doing NaNoWriMo too? Add me as a buddy!

Also, my alter ego, Miss Write, has put together a list of articles that can help you with your NaNo prep.

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