Bye Bye Babe

ZoeyWe lost our Zoey to Cancer this past Thursday.

While we knew she was sick (she had a mass removed last December), it was still a shock as her health only took a turn for the worse very quickly within the last month with the disease spreading aggressively to her lungs and it was an awful decision to have to make to let her go.

There are so many things I'll miss about her but one in particular is my morning ritual of showering, getting my coffee, giving her a treat and then sitting down at my writing desk. She got into the habit of joining me and sprawling under my desk between my feet so I put a fuzzy blanket on the floor and she would lay there with her head on my foot and sleep while I wrote.

She would only give me an hour or hour & a half tops before I would feel a little tap on my leg, look down, and see her up on her back feet, trying to get my attention for a proper cuddle and I'm glad that I took her up on her suggestion as often as I did.

It's still surreal – looking at photos of her. Seeing her captured in still-frame when I expect her to come waddling out of the bedroom and bounding up onto the couch or hopping up onto the bed and snuggling between us (stealing my pillow in the process – which I secretly loved because that meant being able to bury my face in her fur and listen to her purr).

We miss her terribly.

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  1. I am so sorry for your loss, love. While I already said a lot in my post on the subject, I just want you to know that I am thinking of you & sending you love.

    R.I.P. to another beautiful girl.


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