The Lockwood Collection

This is going to be tricky. Normally I tell you, dear readers, how I came up with the idea for my story. But this time, it would be giving too much away. And I want you to truly feel the effect of horror when reading this tale…

So let me tell you this…

One of the themes in the story is the origin of the art that the main character Regan Lockwood, creates. I explore an idea that I hope artists of all types – writers, painters, sculptors – can relate to. That often, what we create comes from another place – and that place is sometimes the shadowed depths of our human nature. Ideas we didn't know were there; images that can intrigue and terrify us. The question is – why does it terrify us? Because they are unexpected? Or because the darkness came from within us?

I've mentioned before that when I first began plotting out the story, I came up with an entire back story and history of the Lockwood family.

Regan is born into a long line of artists. Her grandfather, Preston, was an archeologist, and it is his legacy that she unearths and is faced with the choice of whether to continue this legacy or to bury it so their hidden truth will never be revealed.

In coming up with such an elaborate past, I ended up writing a set of journal entries from Preston that I originally considered using if I were to ever make Lockwood into a novel-length manuscript.

I still have the itch to do so – so maybe you'll be reading more about the Lockwoods in the future.

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