The Month Where I Stayed On Task

Got off to a good start this March and am happy with the progress made on my WIPs.

It’s too bad I had a little trouble with my writing program. It keeps a tally of my daily/monthly/yearly word counts, but I had to reset the count so only have stats for the last 10 days of March.  I would have liked to have seen how many words I came up with (my desk chair certainly looks more worse for the wear, but in a writer’s case this is a good thing).

Either way, here’s a snapshot of how my March went (inspired by the fantastic months-in-review of Miss Cate):

Total Words Written This Month: 3047
(March 21 to 31)

Stories Started: 3
Stories Finished: 2
Acceptances: 0
Rejections: 0
Submission Tracker: 2

Pertaining to the above: ghosts, Day of the Dead, funerary customs, Victorian England, disembodied voices, a machete, Pinot Noir, sunflowers.

I still need to work on showing, not telling

Sneaky Peek:  “You expect me to believe that this bunch of soused up socialites collectively witnessed some sort of haunting? That's rubbish! And if you believe it, well I'd venture to say that you should be locked up here at Holloway with the rest of 'em. No return ticket!”

On the Horizon: working on some pieces that I will self-publish; 3 other stories I hope to finish in April; I suppose I should look at my half-finished NaNo 2010 project 

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