Puzzle Pieces

As writers, we really have to be good at puzzles, don’t we? Not just in fitting together the plot, either.

I’m working on a new short story, doing a little outline before I start writing and I’ve already decided to switch the protagonist and antagonist around because the story will (hopefully) be more terrifying coming from a different POV.

So cool, I tell myself. You’ve got it. Not just plot out some scenes and get to writing.

But no. I don’t have it after all. I was going to make my main character more of a sensitive, introspective type, wanting to express her individuality, striving to find herself and her significance in the world. But as I was working things out, I didn’t feel as excited about the story as I originally was. Kind of a red flag when you’re a writer.

So, I’m making her more self-reliant, more in control (or at least trying to be). That doesn’t mean everything will be all peachy keen for her, either. Especially whn the very thing she wants (control) is taken away from her.

We’ll see how it goes. A plan is just that – a plan. You never know how the story is going to turn out once you drop your characters into the world you created and they start interacting. It could (and should) all turn to hell  🙂

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