NaNoWriMo 2012 – Day 2

The MacDoylesSince this project is Book 2 in a series, I may have a bit of an advantage going into NaNoWriMo this year. Except…there are many, many generations of families to consider, backstory I have loosely planned but still need to flesh out, superstitions to explore, and plots, subplots, threads and avenues to weave together into some sort of coherent story. No one said writing a series would be easy.

But I managed to break up some of the self-doubt and panic by searching for more character photos.

Back when I was writing Book 1 (which still needs an ending and, obviously, some serious editing), I put together the main family using photos of celebrities. There are a few new characters in this book though, so I hit up IMDB to get inspired.

It’s amazing how much it helps to have a photo of your character (or at least how you imagined them). It’s one thing to see them in your mind, but writing dialogue (which I was never stellar at but I’m getting better at) is a bit easier, so now I’m wondering if I should do the same for locations.

The books are based in a real small town I visited once, but it’s just the idea of that small town, since it was only for an hour or 2. I think it’s time I started fleshing it out more, like I did my characters. I’ve already started plotting the buildings onto a map so I can get a better idea of how my characters move around in this world I’m creating, but now I think I need to imagine the insides of those buildings (town archives, police station, pub). Maybe even think up a name for the local brewing company who stocks the pub. It’s the little details that make a story come alive.

Words written today: 1566
Total Words This Month: 3,832
Total Manuscript: 32,312
Fun Stuff:  Just as I was adding in some of my witchcraft research, Ghost Adventures came on and it was an episode where they went to The Witch House, the only building still standing with direct ties to the Salem Witch Trials, and the former home of Jonathan Corwin, one of the judges involved in the Trials. I know…Ghost Adventures?! But – it was entertaining.
Coffees consumed: 2 (1 Gingerbread, 1 Hazelnut)
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