Springing Forward

After that long break because of my hand injury, it’s been really great to get back into the routine of writing new stories.

Here’s what’s going on with me right now:

I’m a loser, baby: My story, Flowers of the Dead, has been rejected 9 times now, with the latest coming last week. I’m not sure where I’m going to send it next so for now, I’m going to let it sit in the corner and lick its wounds for a while (and maybe come up with a new title, since I’m still not sold on that one)

Same shit, different universe: I started on a new short story that is set in the same world as another previously-rejected short that I intend to turn into a novella. Although it doesn’t have the same main character as the original short story, I could easily fold this main character into the novella. Plus, since I already know the “rules” of this world, it makes writing it a lot more familiar. The only problem is I’m torn between keeping it as a short or using the idea as another story thread in the novella. Hmm…

A character by any other name: Speaking of the short-story-soon-to-become-a-novella, the main character has a pretty unique name, but I noticed that same character name pop up in someone else’s (aka a more well-known author’s) story, so I’m considering changing it (even if I’m having a hard time letting it go)

Clearing the decks: I have a total of three stories that are on the verge of completion. I hope to wrap them up the next week or two because next month, I want to get back into writing the serial as part of the April session of Camp NaNoWriMo (although the above-mentioned novella is whispering to me…)

Me: My wrist is feeling a lot better but the thumb pain lingers. I’m still wearing my brace every day which is frustrating to no end, but at least I’m still writing (did I say that last month?).

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