Deadline: Imminent

So, I’m supposed to be starting a new book on June 1. Like so many NaNoWriMos past, I am not ready!

I was actually doing well in the planning process. After some dizzying brainstorming, too many what ifs, and a few instances of running my plot head-long into a brick wall, I managed to untangle the mess and come up with a storyline that I had confidence in.

Until the ending.

It fell flat. Keep in mind, this was only in the planning stages. Imagine if I had already written 50,000 or 60,000 words already.

So here I sit with only 4 days left to fix the plot holes and what am I doing? Writing a short story 🙂 But who am I to stifle inspiration when it hits?

This little story idea I had 10 days ago really took off (with a little help from my brainstorming buddy CK1), and I know better than to ignore creativity. With the deadline also on June 1, I’ve had to try and juggle both writing & outlining without much success, but at least I am nearing the end of editing the short and hope to do a few marathon plotting sessions over the next few days so I have something to actually write about come Saturday.

Having said that…this short story? Man, it was fun to write. And like any good (masochistic, easily-distracted, daydreaming) writer, I can’t help but wonder if expanding on the idea would make a good novel…

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