Unadulterated Tapestry of Awesome

Okay…I need to take a few deep breaths here. I’m working on a new story that I am so crazy psyched for that I might have a heart attack right here and now.

So…I admit it…I may be a bit of a hoarder. Pens, journals, old Christmas & Birthday cards…I’ve got stacks and boxes of mementos squirreled away.

The same could be said for story ideas. I know I’m not the only writer to have so many ideas, you don’t know what to do with them. You finish one project and then sit there in silent wonder of which one to tackle next when all you want to do is write ALL THE THINGS, ALL RIGHT NOW.

Well, this story…It kind of came out of nowhere, and yet I’ve had the pieces scattered in my brain for a few years now.

This particular story was going to be just a short piece that I was going to include in a collection. I’d actually already written the first draft but it wasn’t working for me, so I decided to cut it down to a flash piece and post it for free on my website & via my Patreon campaign.

And then it happened…I started thinking…Maybe I should just rework the original piece. Expand it a little. Just…A little.

Yeah. Right. Does any story you intend to expand “just a little” ever stay that way. Hell no.

As I was brainstorming, adding bits and pieces, taking stuff away, going through the usual whos and whats and whys, the story started to grow. Little tidbits of research came back to me. What if I add this? Can I tie this idea to that? And what about that other thing i read? Holy crap…I think I’ve got something here.

You see, along with the hoarding situation I noted above, I have tons upon tons of notes, articles, interesting facts, strange news stories – all cataloged for future story ideas. Some are just seedlings – I’m not sure how or when I’ll use them so I’ll file them away for later – and it’s finally paid off because with this idea, I can sew a few of them together into an Unadulterated Tapestry of Awesome that will hopefully be my next project!

I know…I have enough going on as it is…but I will gladly backburner a few of my other projects to work on this thing. I’d hate myself for not striking while the iron’s hot.

Um…You guys…I’m SMITTEN over here. Like I can’t even type fast enough to get my ideas down about this story. Usually I get a cool story seed but when I start to rework it, something doesn’t sit right. Some little segment doesn’t fit or just won’t logically work no matter how hard I try to mash it or stretch it or piece it together with something else until I have to resign myself to the fact that it just won’t work out the way I had originally envisioned it.

Now…I’m not naive to think I won’t run into roadblocks along the way. That always happens. And I hate to jinx myself before I’ve even gotten out of the brainstorming phase yet.

But this little seed that is really starting to grow like fucking gangbusters? It has me all twisted and turned around and so giddy with anticipation that I just want to figure out all the mechanics of it so I can just WRITE IT ALREADY.

I know…you wanna know more. You’re scoffing right now. Pssshhh…Every writer thinks his or her idea is genius. I’m not even saying it’s genius. I’m only saying…this is what is going on in my head right now…


I know I’m being vague…but I can’t share it, not yet. Just know that is a story connected to The Lockwood Collection and I’ll be able to explore my obsession with mummies even further. Good thing I’m making a stop at the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum when we go to California in September, not to mention the Mummies of the World exhibit I’ll be hitting up this month. Inspiration waits!

Now you see the reason for all these big declarations and all the drama. I’m not sorry for any of it. This is what I live for, why I keep the crazy hours, the reason for all the daydreaming and gnashing of teeth and hunched shoulders from sitting at the keyboard.

When I write it…and when you read it…You’ll see 🙂

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