Using Trello To Keep Your Projects Organized

So, I took an online course this past summer that gave a ton of tips for “hacking” one’s writing (including tips for getting more done, for sticking to one’s schedule, etc.).

One of my favourite discoveries was Trello.


Trello Board

It’s a free online site that you can sync with the app where you use a system of boards, lists and cards to organize your life.

I’ve been using it to keep my projects, story ideas, deadlines all in order because my previous system of scribbling in notebooks, Scrivener, Excel, Evernote just wasn’t cutting it for me.

Basically, you create a Board – say one for each book. Within that Board you can have multiple Lists (i.e. one for Plot, Setting, Characters, etc.). Within each List, you can add multiple Cards (such as Research settings, Outline story beats, fill out Character Profiles etc).

Each Card can have any number of power-ups (such as checklists, due dates, links, photos, just to name a few).

So far, it has been great for me. I know I’m not the only one who has a million-and-one things that pop into my head at any moment so all I do is log into the app any time I have an idea and add it to the appropriate Board, List or Card to attend to later.

If you happen to be working with someone else or on a team project, you can invite others to view & collaborate on your boards, too.

Honestly, it has really helped me get my crazy to-do lists under control. You should give it a try!

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