New Fiction For Halloween – Purgatech: Jess’ Horror

While you anxiously await the release of Group Hex Vol. 2, which includes my story Husks (coming out this week), I have more news on new fiction available now!

I have started posting a serial on a new fiction-sharing website called FicFun.

New chapters of my story, Purgatech: Jess’ Horror, will be posted every Monday & Thursday. Chapter One is already available!


When Jess Wilson’s beloved grandmother dies, the misunderstood college student is left with no family. Desperate to find a place she belongs, Jess withdraws into her obsession with the paranormal, just as her ex, Dylan, returns to town.

Working for a company touting cutting-edge technology that bridges this world with the afterlife, Dylan recruits Jess as a trial user. But Jess’ boyfriend, Kyle, warns Jess that it’s Dylan’s agenda and not his concern that drives him.

Torn between Kyle and her desire for answers to a life filled with unexplained occurrences, Jess plunges headlong into an intense ordeal that has her questioning her sanity.



I hope you’ll give it a read! Head over to the page for Purgatech: Jess’ Horror. And be sure to leave your comments after you’ve read it!


FicFun, Discover Stories Worth Reading!

Being set up by a group of bookworms and literature enthusiasts, FicFun is by nature an online library for people who love fiction reading and creating.

It’s a pretty cool site! You can upload your own content and take part in periodic fiction contests for prizes. Right now they are hosting both a Romance & a Suspense contest.

Give the website a look!






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