What’s Your Number?

numbercollageI was going through my bookshelf the other day and found an old hardcover that I bought at a used bookstore years ago called History of the Occult by T. Wynne Griffon.

It includes topics such as witchcraft, ghosts and the spirit world, astrology, divination and parapsychology but the chapter on numerology is what caught my eye.

Based on the belief that numbers influence not only a person’s life but also his or her personality, numerology is practiced in a number of ancient cultures.

Once considered a form of divination, it has also been used as more of a tool to analyze personalities and potential.

The basis of all numerological systems relies upon the primary numbers from 1 to 9. By taking any number, and adding those numbers together until the figures are reduced to a single digit, one can use this method to analyze one’s birth number or name.

People have also been known to use numerology to predict which dates are more favorable for undertaking certain tasks by analyzing their birth number, name number and date number.


Every person can have multiple numbers:

  • Birth Number: arrived at by adding the numbers in one’s full date of birth; indicates one’s natural traits; also known as Number of Personality
  • Name Number: using a grid to assign one of the 9 primary numbers to each letter of the alphabet; also known as Number of Development
  • Number of attainment: if one changes their name, their name number would change

To calculate your birth number, you simply add together the single digits that make up your birthday

Example: January 14, 1973

1+1+4+1+9+7+3=26 2+6=8

Your birth number: 8


Use the following chart to find your Name Number:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


Stephen King’s Name Number would be: 1+2+5+7+8+5+5+2+9+5+7=56 5+6=11 1+1=2

What’s good for the goose, right? Here’s my name number and what it means:

MARY RAJOTTE= 4+9+1+7+9+1+1+6+2+2+5=47=4+7=11=1+1=2


The number 2 represents a search for balance.  People with two as their birth number have the ability to see both sides of the situation.  This sense of fair play can work against them, as their desire for balance can cause them to waver indecisively.  The sense of judgment that allows them to give good advice to their friends can prevent them from making up their own minds regarding their own affairs.

Those with two as their birth number should learn to two of situations as they are rather than try to change them to suit their own desires.  They should avoid situations that are marked by extremes or that call for decisions.

These people are gentle, kind and tactful.  Number twos are artistic, but as they are given more to thought than to action, they often lack the force they need to carry out their plans.  Although they are charming and intuitive, two’s sometimes suffer from a lack of self-confidence.  Their greatest fault is over generosity, and they should give the same consideration to themselves as they do to others.


So, for this year’s Coffin Hop I want to give you a numerology reading!

Want to know what your name number is and what it means? What about your birth number? Do you have a specific important date or event coming up that you want to know how it will go?

Use the form below to submit your info and I’ll give you a reading!

Note: all fields are optional (i.e. if you do not have a particular date you would like a reading for, no worries. Just leave it out)

  • Your full name (for Name Number readings)
  • Your email (if you would like your results sent to you)
  • Your maiden/married name (if different than your full name – for Married/Maiden Name Reading)
  • Your birthday (dd-mm-yyyy)
  • An upcoming day/event you want to know about (dd-mm-yyyy)
  • Which reading(s) you want (Birth Number, Name Number, Married/Maiden Name Number, Date Number)

If you would rather email your info to me, feel free to do so (maryrajotte[at]gmail[dot]com). I’ll send the info back to you in an email :)

I will only be using your information for entertainment purposes and will never share your info with anyone else

Any questions? Feel free to ask!

Now…who wants a reading?!

Coffin Hop Numerology Reading

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Spirited Tales – What’s Your Poison?

Just in time for Halloween, I have a new Spirited Tale ready for you to enjoy.


Spirited Tales are drabbles or micro fiction set to atmospheric music & effects and available as a video for you to indulge in – perfect for Halloween, but equally as creepy any time of the year.
My latest tale, What’s Your Poison?, is the story of a guy looking for a new high – but in his quest to replace one addiction with another, he gets more than he bargained for.



coffin-hop-advert-scarecrowcreepycrawleys_coversmallDid you like What’s Your Poison? How far would you go to feed your addiction? Share your thoughts in the comments!


In case you missed it, be sure to enter my COFFIN HOP contest to win an Ebook Prize Pack and while you’re at it, grab a free copy of Creepy Crawleys!



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Flowers For The Dead
In a multicolored display of pomp and pageantry, the Flores Family gathers for their annual Day of the Dead ceremony.

But when jealousy arises, and the tradition hundreds of years old threatens to divide the family for good, Trina discovers that she is engaged to a man with secrets she isn’t sure she can live with.

Like Flies To Honey
On the day of the annual Honey Ball, newcomer Robert Blythe spends his day rubbing elbows with the cream of the crop. But that does not necessarily safeguard him from being judged by the company he keeps.

The Lockwood Collection
After struggling artist Regan Lockwood receives a mysterious gift from her father, her work begins to take on a horrifying tone. Terrified of this darker side and her unraveling sanity, Regan is forced to confront her father and unearths a decades-old secret from her family’s past.


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This was my first accepted story, published in 2010 by Shroud Publishing in Northern Haunts: 100 Terrifying New England Tales.

The story is based on a strange old superstition I read about putting bugs in pats of butter to ward off infection. I know, right? Strange, creepy and a little gross, but I used that as my inspiration and wrote a little tale about the couple who move next door to people who have adopted this superstition into their lives.

When the story first came out, I made a mini book trailer for it, and just last year, I did a Booktrack for it, which adds music & sound effects to the story and allows you to read along.

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The Time Has Come To Coffin Hop

coffin-hop-advert-scarecrowAnother lovely day begins, for ghosts and ghouls with greenish skin. So close your eyes and you will find that…THE COFFIN HOP HAS ARRIVED!

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Frightful Treats For Everyone

me_vamp_avatarIt’s probably no surprise that I love this time of year. And that means – you get to reap the rewards!

First off, I hope you’re getting into the Halloween spirit. I know I am! Check out this makeover I had!

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That isn’t all the fun to be had though. I’m also planning some cool giveaways in the next few weeks – ebooks for everyone! Here are a few ways you can get some spooky goodies during the most frightful time of year:

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More details will be posted to the blog on event days, so be sure to come back (or watch my Twitter or Facebook pages for the deets).

So go on! Have some fun, slip into a freaky costume and eat some candy! It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Backstage Pass Contest Winner(s)

vip_stickerHere it is the news you’ve been waiting for…the winner for my Who Wants To Win A Backstage Pass contest!

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October – Patreon Update

I know, you’re sick of hearing it already. All your favorite horror authors are already going on about how October is their favorite month, how Pumpkin Spice Lattes are the bomb and how much they love to listen to Everyday is Halloween on repeat.

Guilty as charged! But…you’re also talking to the girl who was channeling Wednesday Addams from the sandbox. Which means…my obsession with all things spooky is your gain.me_wednesday_comparison

For October, I’ve got some frightful little treats cooked up. Now, I know I missed out on sending out last month’s ebook – my California adventure sort of derailed my productivity – but I’m going to make up for it this month, in spades.

Here’s a rundown of the tricks & treats in store:

  • The long-awaited, much-touted (by me…) ebook! I guarantee it will make your skin crawl
  • Altered Words – I’ve found a poem in the book by a world-renowned author that eerily echoes one of the themes in the above-mentioned ebook!
  • Spirited Tales: Yup, that’s right! A new audio tale is coming to tantalize your eardrums (and terrify you in the process!)
  • All Hallows Read: an extra story this month written specifically for All Hallows Read!
  • Extra goodies: cover reveals; Inklings about both new stories; Breeding Ground articles with more insight into how I come up with story ideas

But wait…there’s more! Well…I’m not sure what yet but I have plans for little extras, all in the name of bringing you, my beloved readers, as many creepy goodness as you can handle – and then some!

I just love this time of year! It’s a great excuse to indulge in scary stories and things that go bump in the night.

Boys and girls of every age. Wouldn’t you like to see something strange?

Keep your eyes on this page – new horrific treats will be coming your way soon!


WIP Wednesday: Wanderlust

I live in my head a lot of the time. Thinking, plotting, brainstorming…it’s a solitary thing and as much as I love writing, sometimes a change of perspective is exactly what I need to shake things up and inspire new stories.

So, yeah…if you follow me on Facebook, you know I just spent 2 weeks roadtripping through California. From San Francisco, up to the Avenue of the Giants, over to Yosemite, then down to San Diego, those 2 weeks were full of countless adventures.

We saw the mist roll in over San Francisco every night like clockwork. We drove on white-knuckle mountain roads up and down the coast. We saw towering redwoods (and even drove through one), saw Ancient Egyptian artifacts, slept on a historic ocean liner and had the time of our live in the sand, sun and surf.

Point Arena Lighthouse

Point Arena Lighthouse

So, yeah…it was time to decompress and experience life, and in the process, I was gifted with not only countless cherished memories (and a bunch of snow globes to add to my collection!) but also a bunch of new story seeds that I’m going to gleefully explore.

I’m not underselling it when I say I literally saw places that seemed otherworldly to me. Places that were so curious that even standing there in that space, they still didn’t seem quite real. The astonishing peaks in Yosemite; the rockpile terrain leading up to Palm Springs; the endless coves, pristine ocean and everything from pines to palms.

Even now, going through our 2000+ photos we took along the way, I see new things to inspire, things I didn’t notice then and will use as inspiration for future stories.  Normally, I use an overheard piece of conversation or some strange news story as story inspiration so I’m going to try something completely different – and it will be available as a freebie for All Hallows Read!!! I’ll keep you updated.

Now, it’s back to reality and workworkwork. Lots of freelance work to tackle, a new novel to outline for NaNoWriMo (!!!) and one to edit. For now, the only traveling I’ll be doing is in my mind…but that doesn’t mean it will be any less exhilarating.

Psst! Don’t forget – I’m holding a contest until October 5 to win a month-long Backstage Pass to my Patreon Campaign. FREE STORIES! FREE SWAG! Don’t miss out!

New Contest: Who Wants To Win A Backstage Pass

Although I’m a firm believer that scary stories should be enjoyed all year-round, there’s no better time for creepy tales that fright & delight than Halloween!

Which is why I’ve decide to hold a new contest called…Who Wants To Win a Backstage Pass!

whowantstowinTHE DEETS
The winning entrant will win 1 month of PATREON goodies! That’s right! The monthly ebook (in your choice of digital format), all the extra stories, the behind-the-scenes scoopage that my patrons currently receive…all of it is yours for the entire month of October!

You’ll get the ROCK STAR treatment that my highest level of Patreon supporters receive (which is currently the ROADIE level) for the entire month – I may even throw a few extra special treats your way.

How sweet does that sound?!

All it takes is a comment! No jumping through hoops, nothing to sign up for or no skill-testing questions to sweat over. All you have to do is say you wanna win, and you’ll be entered into the contest.

Not sure it’s quite your thing? Check out what my current patrons have to say about the goods they’ve received:

“Mary Rajotte’s Patreon offers all sorts of goodies, from twisted stories (which are awesome) to her ‘Altered Words’ segments. She also isn’t shy about pulling back the curtain and revealing the inspiration behind these dark creations. If you’re a horror fan, I recommend putting down a couple of bucks and supporting Mary’s work.”
- Todd K

So, you wanna win a month of skin-crawlingly good fiction and a sneak peek into the methods of my madness? Just enter your comment below (as well a your email address so I can contact you if you win), and you’re entered!

The contest runs until midnight on October 5, with goodies being sent to you throughout October.

Winners will be chosen at random & content delivered directly to your inbox, so again, don’t forget to include a working email address so I can sully your inbox with my nightmarish tales.

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