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Coming Soon: Group Hex Vol. 2

News about the latest terrifying new tome from The Great Lakes Horror Company- with a story by yours truly!Read More

Unearthing Dark Things

Guys. I have a confession.

I’ve had a deep, dark urge. Something decidedly creepy, devilish even. Something sinister inside me has been scratching at the surface and I’ve finally relented and allowed it to claw its way through…

I opened up my Patreon again!

The Goods

That’s right! I’ll be offering a glimpse into my writing life, including posts about:

  • my creative process
  • story ideas & inspiration
  • sneak peeks at works-in-progress
  • freebies like stickers & other swag
  • ebook short stories
  • flash fiction videos
  • experimental poetry

A Little Background

I originally ran a Patreon campaign in 2014. At the time, it made sense for me to shut it down but I’ve always missed it...

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Irons in the Fire

New stories & what's on the horizonRead More

Getting Patched

My new awesome logo!Read More

What’s Your Poison?

A 100-word tale – a story about a guy looking for a new high – but in his quest to replace one addiction with another, he gets more than he bargained for.

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