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Coffin Hop Winners

coffin-hop-advert-evil-jackThe entries have been tallied and the winners have been chosen!

Congrats go out to Nina, Georgina, Julianne, Julia and Johanna!

Talk about the ladies representin’! How cool is that?! I hope you all enjoy the books – emails have been sent so let me know if you have not yet received it.

And to everyone who stopped by and to all of you who tweeted and shared my writing, the Coffin Hop and all things horror – THANK YOU for making this a killer Coffin Hop!

Creepy Freebies Are Here

The time has come, the day is here! Creepy Freebies are now available for one and all!

Today only, you can grab a copy of any (or all!) of my current eBooks for FREE!


Flowers For The Dead
In a multicolored display of pomp and pageantry, the Flores Family gathers for their annual Day of the Dead ceremony.

But when jealousy arises, and the tradition hundreds of years old threatens to divide the family for good, Trina discovers that she is engaged to a man with secrets she isn’t sure she can live with.

Like Flies To Honey
On the day of the annual Honey Ball, newcomer Robert Blythe spends his day rubbing elbows with the cream of the crop. But that does not necessarily safeguard him from being judged by the company he keeps.

The Lockwood Collection
After struggling artist Regan Lockwood receives a mysterious gift from her father, her work begins to take on a horrifying tone. Terrified of this darker side and her unraveling sanity, Regan is forced to confront her father and unearths a decades-old secret from her family’s past.


To get your own copy, add the book(s) you want to your cart and use coupon code CREEPY at checkout!

Creepy-Freebies---NarrowBut that’s not all! I’m not the only author offering up these frightful reads!

Host Milo James Fowler is giving away some of his own books, not to mention my fellow authors:

Be sure to visit their websites and fill up your trick or treat bag with these CREEPY FREEBIES!

And don’t forget to share the news about #CreepyFreebies on Twitter  (and all your social media hangouts).

This might help (just copy & paste it to Twitter!):

Want some #CreepyFreebies? Grab these spooky books FREE from @MaryRajotte

creepycrawleys_coversmallEnjoy the free reads – and don’t forget to post your reviews to Amazon & Goodreads!


While you’re at it, you can get a free copy of my flash fiction ebook, Creepy Crawleys, which was also my first publishing credit!

Pick up a freebie for All Hallows Read

creepycrawleys_coversmallHalloween is one of my favourite times of the year and when I celebrate, you get to reap the rewards – that’s just how I roll!

In honour of Halloween, and as part of All Hallows Read, I’m giving away free copies of my very first published tale – CREEPY CRAWLEYS!

Awesome Author Extraordinaire Neil Gaiman started the All Hallows Read movement in 2010 as a way to promote reading and encourage people to give someone a scary book for Halloween.

It’s that simple!


This was my first accepted story, published in 2010 by Shroud Publishing in Northern Haunts: 100 Terrifying New England Tales.

The story is based on a strange old superstition I read about putting bugs in pats of butter to ward off infection. I know, right? Strange, creepy and a little gross, but I used that as my inspiration and wrote a little tale about the couple who move next door to people who have adopted this superstition into their lives.

When the story first came out, I made a mini book trailer for it, and just last year, I did a Booktrack for it, which adds music & sound effects to the story and allows you to read along.

So, want a free copy of Creepy Crawleys? Head over to the story page and download your own copy today!

And don’t forget to give someone you love a scary book for Halloween!

The Time Has Come To Coffin Hop

coffin-hop-advert-scarecrowAnother lovely day begins, for ghosts and ghouls with greenish skin. So close your eyes and you will find that…THE COFFIN HOP HAS ARRIVED!

That’s right, kids! Another Halloween season is upon us and that means one thing ’round these parts – spooky stories for everyone!


Every year, a bevy of horror authors offer up books, prizes, goodies and giveaways. All you have to do is hop from site to site, entering contests, discovering new authors and just getting into the Halloween spirit.


This year, I’m giving away an ebook prize pack to 5 lucky winners!

Each winner will receive a digital copy (in either PDF, EPUB or MOBI) of Like Flies To Honey, Flowers For The Dead and The Lockwood Collection!

I may even throw in some extra swag for all 5 winners – because everyone deserves a little swag!


freeswagHOW DO I WIN?

Enter using the Rafflecopter form below. You can tweet, comment, follow me on Facebook or sign up for my newsletter (where you will also receive cool freebies and the chance to win contests throughout the year).

So, what are you waiting for?! Enter the contest below then GET TO HOPPIN’!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

creepycrawleys_coversmallMORE FROM THE COFFIN HOP

Want to win even more books, ebooks, tricks or treats? Visit for the other participating authors!


While you’re here, why not grab a free copy of my latest ebook, Creepy Crawleys. It’s free this month for All Hallows Read!