Writing Wednesday: Mopping Up

In my current #WIP, there is some mopping up to be done by my 2 main characters. It's a gruesome task in comparison to the mopping up I am doing in preparation for the long weekend (i.e. laundry, making picnic plans, final edits of the aforementioned tale).

So, even though I feel like this is the never-ending edit, things could be much worse. Wait till you read what task they are tackling :)

I plan to take it easy for the next few days, but that doesn't mean I won't still sneak in some brainstorming for other WIPs. Besides, what better way to do so than staring up at the clouds from under a shady tree?

In other writing news:

  • One of my fave Brits and constant source of inspiration DJR has finished the first draft of his latest novel, Dog Eat Dog. Cannot wait to read it!
  • I hear the first edition of the Red Penny Papers is going to be stellar, with pieces so far from Aaron & Cate. I better finish my submission and hope it gets accepted
  • Barry Napier really is conquering the writing world with the acceptance of his poetry collection, A Mouth For Picket Fences. GO Barry!
  • I'm completely jealous that my fellow hi-fiver Katey is going to the Mutter Museum to do a little research! Yes – medical oddities are fun!
  • Miss Beanses has started posting snippets of stories that will appear in the From The Dark Side Anthology. Looking forward to reading more!

Funny how it's Summer and I seem busier now more than ever. I guess when you're freelancing, it's harder to differentiate between seasons. Or week. Or days. Or hours.

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WIP Wednesday: Ever-Changing Perspectives

Photo: Alessandro PaivaSo, a few days away from my latest WIP and the good news is I was quite excited by it when I gave it a quick reading before diving back into it. That's good, right?

Except…there's this other idea. Another new idea. It came to me after reading a few lines of an article. There I was, happily diving into a little light reading and bam! Two sentences in and there was a flash in my head of a story idea.

I'm not complaining. I love it when that happens. But didn't I already mention that I have a WIP pile that rivals my collection of argyle socks? (Author's Note: I have many,many pairs of argyle socks)

Needless to say, I'm kind of torn. My pile of WIPs is eyeing me suspiciously now. But what have those WIPs done for me lately? If the words (and ideas) were flowing, I would have completed them already. All I'm doing is running where my Muse takes me. I can't help it if this Shiny New Idea seems to hold more promise at the moment.

I'm a magpie. I like sparkly things. And this new idea – she's all blazing and brilliant right now.


My Current WIPS

  • a tweet-inspired tale that creeps me out a bit. I hope it does the same for my readers when it is complete!
  • that crazy, dream-inspired WIP has stalled at the moment. Not enough of a creep factor yet. Maybe the plot needs tweaking…
  • another idea for a serial is percolating behind-the-scenes. I've managed to stave it off for now. We'll see how long that lasts. But the outcome could be quite "dreadful"…
  • novel-series idea that I might try to explore in short story form first

That is barely the tip of the WIP-iceburg, but I'd rather have too many ideas than none.

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Also, be sure to check out Part One of my interview with fellow author Ian Rogers. Part Two will be up tomorrow! And my interview with Jenny Beanses is coming up this Friday!

Above kaleidoscope photo:  Alessandro Paiva

WIP Wednesday: Preliminary Squee

Shroud 8In anticipation of the release of Shroud 8, I am practicing my squee.

My story, Like Flies to Honey, is included in the Winter 2010 issue:

108 pages of With Bram Stoker Award winner, Brian Keene, Kealan Patrick Burke, Kevin Lucia, Gemma Files, Derek M. Fox, Nathaniel Lambert, Belinda Frisch, Craig D.B. Patton, Jeff Edwards, Richard D. Findlay, Mary Rajotte, Glen R. Krisch, Joe Nazare, Norman L. Rubenstein, Lawrence Vernon, Ginger Nielsen, and Tim Deal, and more.

Interviews with Joe Morey, David Conyers, Joe Schrieber and Lisa Mannetti. Beautiful cover and woodcut embellishments by Danny Evarts!

Brian Keene's Seminal Screams; Kevin Lucia's Top reads for 2009! Norman L. Rubenstein's Specialty Press Showcase.

Did you catch that? My name is on the cover. On. The. Cover. ~cue squee ~

I'm so stoked, you don't even know. Then again, you probably do know, since many of my readers are fellow writers and published ones at that.

If you're so inclined, the Winter 2010 issue of Shroud is available for pre-orders now from the Shroud website.

Once the issue has been released, I'll be putting up a dedicated page to my story, and I'll include my inklings column, which gives a little background info on how I came up with an idea for those of you who are interested in that sort of thing. There may even be a little giveaway ~wink~ so stay tuned. You can see Inklings in action on the page for my Northern Haunts tale, Creepy Crawleys.

Now that my excitement has been shared, it's time to get back to work so I will have other publishing credits to celebrate in future.

WIP WednesdayCurrent WIPs

  • didn't get as much done last week as I'm still working on the same two WIPs
  • Made some edits last night to the short story which I'll be typing up today    
  • flash piece still needs a bit of tweaking (does the tweaking ever end?)

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WIP Wednesday: Hup, Two, Three, Four

Still soldiering on with my NaNo WIP. I am continually swinging on a pendulum between enthused (about some of my ideas) and horrified (that the rest won't come together in time and I will end up blowing things out of proportion and ditching my ideas a week before NaNo starts, forcing me to either scramble to come up with a new idea or bow out altogether). No wonder we writers are a little crazy…
As a few good friends reminded me, however, I've been writing for a long time, and I shall continue to write still.          

So…the good news. Even though I'm a bit behind where I should be in terms of outlining, I'll be able to tweak the FD30D method to suit both my own style & my needs; i.e. some of the tasks can be condensed or sidetracked altogether, since I'm doing shorts and not a novel this time around.          

With that being said, I've got 5 or 6 solid ideas. Of course, it's those shaky ones that I seem to be focusing on. Typical pessimist's downfall, I tell you. And here, I thought I was an optimist.

WIP Updates:

WIP #1: NaNo – outlining continues. Hoping to nail down my final ideas by the end of the week, while still working on the actual piecing together of my master plan for each story
WIP #2: Only Our Dust has been sent back out to Submission Land. I'll keep you posted…

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