Music Monday: With A Little Help From My Friends

I owe many of my musical discoveries to my fellow inkslingers.

My good friend David J Rodger shared this soundrack, done by Underworld, for the live theatre performances of Danny Boyle’s Frankenstein (with Jonny Lee Miller – swoon! and Benedict Cumberpatch)

It starts out dreamlike, ethereal, lovely, melodic but then the clanging of bells add a stark jolt and the soundtrack begins to shift, to decay into something more haunting.

Frankenstein House is the shortest of the tracks but it is lovely and warbling.

One of my main sources for new musical discoveries is fellow dark ambient lover Barry Napier. Barry has introduced me to many new bands, including the wonderfully strange yet melodic Sleep Party People. This song is addictive! And I cannot stop watching those bouncing bunny ears as they really get into the song.

Lastly, I heard about Hecq via the NaNoWriMo forums. Their tracks range from dub step in one of my faves, Sura, to the creepy Dis. I’m not sure why but it reminds me of the film version of The Shining. It is definitely atmospheric, and something that is sure to inspire.

So, what are your latest musical discoveries? Or what are you listening to while writing your next killer story?

Music Monday – Of Darkness

Droning soundscapes. Swirling undertones. Percolating noise. This is the soundtrack to which many of my stories take shape.

I have a list of go-to bands that work perfectly for writing mode. So while there may be a similar thread to the stories I write, it's cool that each one has its own personality, even though many have been born under the same musical score.

If my current story had a soundtrack, it would include whipping wind against rusted metal, dripping water into murky puddles and the rustling of shapes in translucent shrouds.

I hope it gives readers a sense of foreboding and wilts their spirit so they have to sleep with one eye open :)

What are you listening to these days? How does it effect your writing? If you could compile the perfect soundtrack to your current #WIP, what would it be and why?

Music: Svartsinn: Towards the Dark & Cold

click below to listen!

Svartsinn_04_Towards The Dark And Cold.mp3

Music Monday: Seething & Festering

Festering creativity...If you've been reading this blog for any amount of time, you'll know by now that music is an important aspect of my writing routine.

When writing articles, I tend to listen something upbeat and peppy (live stuff by The Clash, Yeah Yeah Yeahs or Chemical Brothers work well) – anything to keep me moving and to help me get my work out of the way so I can play.

Fiction writing, on the other hand, needs music with a little more finesse. Ambient, trance, drone – these are the genres that help me tap into that deeper place where my creativity seethes and festers.

My latest playlist includes:

Somehow, this music helps me to unearth my voice by allowing me to channel to that deep, dark place, where the words seem to come from someone (or some place)…else.

At the very least, it allows me to provide a place for those strange thoughts to mushroom up into something that will hopefully scare your socks off.

I tell myself that so I don't have to think of my sinister alter-ego and the strange whisperings at night…

Photo: tijmen van dobbenburgh