Altered Words – Thy Slumb’ring Soul


One of my favourite series of posts on my blogs is Altered Words, where I “find” a poem hiding within another text (i.e. Blackout Poetry). The source material could be a short story, a book, or another poem.

I’ve previously found hidden prose in:

I’ve even found poems in works by some of my fellow authors:

And guess what…I’ve found another!

Nothing gets me into the Halloween spirit better than reading a little Poe. His writing is well-celebrated for its dark & macabre subject matter, so it didn’t surprise me when I found this little gem in his poem The Sleeper.


alteredwords_thesleeperTHY SLUMB’RING SOUL
Found in The Sleeper by Edgar Allan Poe

The mystic moon exhales
and nods upon the grave.
The fog moulders into rest.
The wanton airs flit so fitfully,
so fearfully above thy slumb’ring soul,
like ghosts.

Oh strange is thy pallor,
strange this solemn silentness,
enduring in melancholy,
triumphant o’er the dead who groaned within.


If you enjoyed this poem and want to read more, just have a look at my other Altered Word posts.

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Altered Words Challenge

alteredwords_titleSo, I’ve been having fun with my Altered Words series of posts – but why should I be the only one?

I’m extending a challenge to one and all – to take my stories…and tear ’em up!

That’s right! Consider this an invitation to experiment! Anyone who wants to get in on the fun will receive a 50% Discount code for an ebook of their choice with which to experiment. Already own a copy? Well, what are you waiting for?!


  • Open up your copy of Flowers for the Dead, The Lockwood Collection or Like Flies To Honey
  • Print out a copy or load it into your favourite photo editing program and black out the words you don’t want
  • Send the poem/prose to me or post it on my Facebook Page

I’ll choose my favorite poem (or poems!) and that person will win a mini prize pack! Bookmarks, stickers, pencils and other goodies!

Why not write a quick review while you’re at it? Something short & sweet will do the trick and posting it on Amazon and/or Goodreads.

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Then, mark it up in your photo editor of choice, or just write the poem out & send it to me so I can share it with other readers! Or feel free to post it to my Facebook page. Easy as pie!

Now…get out there and find your poem!

Altered Words: Things As They Should Be

No, it’s not a new Nine Inch Nails song…it’s time for another Altered Words post!

Hello, patrons, readers and friends alike! Bet you thought I forgot about you, huh? Perish the thought! I’ve been working on the ebook that will be going out before the end of the month (yeah, not going to lie…this one’s been giving me trouble) – but I DO have a new Altered Words poem to keep you occupied.

I found this poem in The Liminal Man, the 2nd book in the Monochrome Trilogy by my good friend Todd Keisling.

In case you haven’t heard of Todd yet, be sure to check out his Ugly Little Things – a series of creepy, crass and often skin-curdling tales. They give you a good does of his warped style and are sure to be a gateway for any horror lover into Todd’s longer works.

Later this week, I’ll be issuing a challenge for everyone who wants to try their hand at Altered Words, with details on how you can grab a copy of one of my ebook!

For now, I give you Things As They Should Be…

Note: As I was working on this poem, I was listening to Corvus Mysterium by Lustmord – it makes a nice little soundtrack if you want to use as as mood music by which to read.



From The Liminal Man – page 120

A monstrous sea of eyes and teeth,
with glee, pursued their prey.
A shrill laugh echoed,
began to weaken,
but a few moments later, he was alone.
A gaping emptiness, a black hole pulling at his insides,
a memory of humanity,
of its many tethers,
that banal coil.
The gray manifested within his being;
through the infinite murk
the Monochrome’s lifeless abyss,
he could see things as they should be.
The riddle of flesh and mediocrity festering beneath their skin,
their strings his to pull now.


What do you think of Things As They Should Be? If you’ve read The Liminal Man, does it give readers a good snapshot of the larger story? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

Original text of The Liminal Man © Todd Keisling

Altered Words – Fixed As Death

It’s time for another Altered Words post!

This time, I “found” a poem in a literary classic – Bram Stoker’s Dracula!

What is Altered Words all about, anyway?

In case you missed my first post, Altered Words is my take on “found fiction”, where I take a story, poem, or other literary work and try to “find” a story within by simply crossing out the words I do not want to include in my piece.




Found in Dracula by Bram Stoker, Pg. 376

All was dark and silent.
Black shadows thrown by the moonlight,
full of mystery.
Not a thing seemed to be stirring, all grim and fixed as death.
White mist creeping over me,
mist spreading,
stealing up to the windows,
my waking thoughts merged in dreams.


What did you think of FIXED AS DEATH? Share your thoughts below!

And hey! If you have a copy of Dracula, I’d LOVE it if you tried your hand at “finding” your own story within! Try the same page I found my story on, or choose your own. And don’t forget to share it in the comments!

Altered Words – These Dead

Altered Words is my take on “found fiction”, where I take a story, poem, or other literary work and try to “find” a story within by simply crossing out the words I do not want to include in my piece.

I’ve done a few of these little experimental pieces on my blog over the past few years and I always have a great time trying to discover something different in the prose I’ve chosen to work from. It’s actually kind of cool, kind of like finding the hidden meaning or an underlying message that the author tried to bury within.

This one was originally posted on my Patreon campaign in May but now you can read it here! I hope you enjoy them and I’d love to hear your thoughts (or if you happen to have a copy of the same book, I’d LOVE to see what “hidden” prose you find! be sure to share it in the comments if you do!

So, without further adieu, please enjoy this Altered Words piece!



Found in “Soundtrack to the End of the World” by Anthony J Rapino (pg. 195)

The darkness and lantern glow fell, as if drawn within.
These dead
sprawled on the road,
no more than a glance in the ambient glow.
Numb, still,
absolutely undeniably gone.


What did you think of THESE DEAD? Share your thoughts below! And hey! If you want to know more about “Soundtrack to the End of the World”, check out Anthony J. Rapino’s website []. He also has a Patreon campaign going on as we speak at with some pretty sweet rewards!