Altered Words: Shadows Grow Long

Shadows Grow LongFrom “The Body”
Published in Different Seasons by Stephen King
Pg. 400

Clouds began to build in the sky,
Up and up and up,
Thunderheads as purple as bruises.
Rain was coming.

Across the sky
The light seemed to evolve.
Filtered, almost pearly.

Our shadows grow long again,
Sail in and out of coppery shade.
The thunderheads lumber closer.

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Altered Words – The Dead Ones

The Dead Ones

When night fell
he put on a long black gown
and when the last stroke of the clock faded
he cried out with a loud shrill voice,
“Behold, the dead ones!
Gather their bones together.
Come, come crawl into the graveyard.
Your desire, I’ll follow.”

- from The Master Thief in The Complete Fairy Tales of The Brothers Grimm – Page 604


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Altered Words – Dark Light

click to supersizeFrom Lord of the Flies by William Golding
Pg. 61

the scent of pale flowers in soft soil.
the dark aromatic light…
the trees…
utterly alone.


Do you own a copy of Lord of the Flies? What poem can you find inside? Share it in the comments!

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