NaNo ’08 – Day 6

So, I'm starting to rethink this whole voice recognition software thing. I'm starting to get the hang of it – and my word count is soaring.

I immediately see how much more productive it is making me, even with the learning curve (both on my part, with learning how to edit text using only my voice, and on the program's part, with learning my speech patterns).

I think with a little more practice, I can really get my mind & creativity in sync so I can dictate more stream-of-consciousness, or at the very least not have to take long pauses in between thoughts. Then I'll really be able to get things done!

Plus, with my plans to get a newer program that I can use to dictate directly into LSBXE (which I use for writing), I can eliminate the dreaded copy & paste. Sweet!

At this rate, I'll be writing a novel a month, every month – not just in November!

Well…maybe not. It's nice to dream. But at the very least, I'd like to whittle down that growing stack of stories on my desk, all of which are vying for my attention at any given moment of the day.

It's the Muse's fault, I tell you. They totally do that, you know. Conjure up the bloodiest, or most ridiculous, or scariest scenes, wait in the verrrrrry back of your mind and then when you least expect it – bam! They spring out at you and say, "Here I am. Deal with it!"

Just you wait, Muse! Just you wait!

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