Northern Haunts has been out for a while now. But that hasn’t stopped me from making a Story Teaser!

Granted, it took longer to make this little video than it did to write the story. (Since it is a flash fiction piece, making too long of a teaser would pretty much give the entire story away). But I enjoyed the process – and see many more videos in my future!

So – stay, enjoy! It’s less than a minute long. You can afford that bit of time for this writer-in-progress, no?

Don’t see the video? Click through to the blog to view!

4 comments to Reigniting The Spark of Interest

  • Cate Gardner  says:

    Fantastic, Mary. Deliciously creepy and I love the filmcard beginning – inspired.

    • Mary  says:

      Thanks you, Miss Cate! Hopefully my next one will be bigger and better. As you know, they are quite fun to make.

  • Aaron Polson  says:

    Spooky. Love the tension in the music, really grates in good, creepy way.

    • Mary  says:

      Thanks, Aaron! This means a lot coming from you – your own story teasers are fantastic!

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