Freelance Life Recap – Week 1

Although I started writing for over the holidays and I didn't post as many articles as I wanted to, I am really enjoying it!

It's amazing how may events and interesting tidbits I've come across already for local writers, and I look forward to spotlighting more signings, classes and, especially, more local authors.

In case you need to get caught up, here are my latest articles so far:

Watch for weekly recaps starting this Sunday (I was a day late – getting back into post-holiday routine and all) as well as a series this week featuring submission tracking software for writers.

Thanks again for all the clicks and comments on my articles so far. My success as Toronto Writing Examiner depends not only on my contributions but feedback from readers as well. So I appreciate you taking the time to read my work. Thank you for getting me excited to sit at my desk and write everyday!


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