Beneath the Surface

Virginia WoolfAs I've mentioned countless times before, music is a big part of my writing life.

Somehow the melodies seem to unlock certain parts of my brain that are at slumber or at the very least stubbornly hiding themselves and making me dig and grasp for every single word.

But when I discovered this track from Jasper TX, and I listened to it for the first time on a sleepless night when my insomnia was keeping me awake doing nothing in particular, for whatever reason an image immediately came to mind and I began scribbling furiously.

Inspired by both the music and the fact that I had been planning on doing an article on Virginia Woolf (it would have been her birthday yesterday), it's a moody piece that I started working on in bits and pieces last week. But it isn't finished yet. And although it would have been great to post it today, maybe I'll share it for #fridayflash (providing it's finished by then).

I'm sharing the track here. Feel free to write something if you feel inspired as I did.

Music: Jasper TX: I Will Be Birds When I Die from In A Cool Monsoon

click below to listen!

Jasper TX_04_I Will Be Birds When I Die.mp3

It's interesting to see how music, for me at least, can help me get to the words that are just below the surface.


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  1. That’s a really excellent way to put it– getting at the words just beneath the surface. I require music for the same reason. I can’t pretend to exist in a vacuum, I need something to kick me in the head. And music has always done it!

    Freaky cool atmospheric piece.
    .-= Katey┬┤s last blog ..Responsibility =-.

    • The best part is different music gets to you in different ways – so whether you need a kick in the head, the gut or the butt, there’s something for everyone! LOL!

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