She Shoots…..

I can't believe it's been over a month since I last blogged. With the loss of Zoey, getting ready for the holidays and everything else in between, that time has gone by in a complete blur.

So, with the New Year just a day away, it's about time I set some concrete goals for 2011. I've been thinking about it already, but I work best with items I can check off my list rather than a vague idea of what I cant to accomplish (see – even in goal setting, I'm still not quite a Pantser). So, here's what I want to do with my writing in the coming year:

  • Complete & submit 2 stories a month
  • Finish the 2 NaNo WIPs that are connected
  • Put together stories for a collection that I've been thinking about
  • Finish revamping my freelance writing website
  • Get back on track with my article writing

 So, not too rigid but some definite goals there. And room for more! I know i have a few more tasks filed in the recesses of my mind – but I'm still in holiday mode. But I'm sure the list will grow weekly. Hooray for over-achievers!

I wanted to try #write1sub1, but since I'm going away at the end of January, I don't want to start the year of crazed (my trip will be here before I know it!). Plus, I'm not sure if I'm ready for it. A month of madness is 1 thing. But I don't want to set myself up for failure.

I've already got 25 story ideas that are either half-finished or with plot notes worked out. Granted, I'm sure other ideas will come to me (at least I hope!) and my planned pieces will change as the year goes by, so I'm leaving it open to where inspiration takes me. But if worse comes to worse and I have no new ideas in 2011 (I shudder at the thought), at least I've got a Plan B.

So, what are your plans for 2011? Or do you bother making resolutions and just go with the flow?

One comment to She Shoots…..

  • Ryan  says:

    Have you thought about the Write 1 Sub 1 monthly option? That’s the one I’m doing (thanks again for letting me know about it, btw!)

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