No Fear

One of the things I want to work on this year is to stop second-guessing myself so much.

I do this in my everyday life, not to mention my writing, and conquering this self-defeating habit can only help me in both aspects.

In terms of my writing, here's the pattern I fall into: 

  • I start/write a story
  • I get stuck or come up with a new approach
  • If stuck, I procrastinate, waffle and generally avoid figuring out how to get unstuck
  • I doubt my new approach, worrying I'll ruin the work I've already done by changing it
  • After hemming, hawing and getting nothing done, I finally dig my heels in and figure out what's wrong

Yeah, it's that last step I need to cut out. Because the hemming & hawing eats up a lot of time that I could be using to finish and work on something new. 

If NaNoWriMo has taught me anything, it's that I can write at least 5K a day if I really push myself. I think this self-doubt is part of the reason I don't feel satisfied with my writing output in 2010. Truth be told – I've been lazy. I can do it – it's a matter of ambition.

I know that I did not complete enough writing in 2010. Not enough to feel like I made strides. This year, I truly feel that I will make huge progress with my writing. Write more, try new things, go outside my comfort zone.

What are you afraid of? Are you ready to conquer it?

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  2. This is one resolution I really need to make too. We’re all afraid of something when it comes to writing (and real life, of course). I’m not totally sure what it is that holds me back on some things… but this post has me thinking about it, for sure.

    • Funny (or not so much) the tricks we play on ourselves, huh? Because really, it’s all self-imposed torture isn’t it? Doubt, fear, etc. Reminds me of a post Miss Write made – stop saying it sucks!

      How about we make a pact that when we see the other person beating themselves up, we motivate the other to stop. Tough love, if need be!

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