Where is My Mind(map)?

Starting a new story, I feel a bit scattered.

I always feel this way, though. So many possibilities, so many “What if’s”, it can make a girl a little crazy.

My writing program has managed to wrangle my Crazy, to a point. With Builders, Storyboards, Chapters, Outlines – I can pretty much find a place to put every little inkling that comes to me as I try to wrestle any given story into submissions.

Today, I've decided to try a new file type in the program that I’ve only toyed with in the past – the Mindmap.

Hmm…Seems a certain punk rock inkslinger I know talked about using mindmaps once upon a time. Maybe I should listen to her a little more often. If not for the good advice, then at least for the knack of coming up with a post title that allows me to show how excited I am to be seeing the Pixies in a few weeks!

I’ll let you know how the mapping goes!

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