Winner of the Coffin Hop Swag Bag

The votes have been tallied and through the wonders of modern technology, the winner has been chosen…

Congratulations to Michael Montoure!

You are the proud owner of some sweet treats, dark literary gems, and other goodies shown here!

Thanks again to everyone who participated! You kept me busy with your interviews, fellow Coffin Hoppers, but it was great to be able to spotlight your writing on Bloody Bookish.

To everyone who visited the blog, I thank you for visiting and hope you’ll stick around. No, seriously…I better not get a bunch of “unfollows” tomorrow. Grr…

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2 Responses to Winner of the Coffin Hop Swag Bag

  1. I am SO SAD that I missed the entire coffin hop apart from a few RTs on twitter. ARGH. Swag could have been mine!

    Well, okay, probably not. But still. Next time, Gadget. NEXT TIME.

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