WIP Wednesday is Feeling Nostalgic

A delivery in my mailbox today brought a piece of my childhood back to me.

I’ve mentioned before that my grandmother, Bernadette Rajotte, was also an author.

She wrote many short stories, a number of them appearing in various Canadian school textbooks and children’s magazines, and I recently found a used copy of one of the books online.

Just seeing the cover was like stepping back in time. I remember the illustrations of her story (The Moonlight Dance of the Whooping Cranes) so vividly that it was such a treat to open the book and see her story after all these years.

While I obviously write in a very different style and on very different subject matter than my Grandma, I know that I adopted my love of writing from her, so getting this book and adding it to my collection has me over the moon.

It also has me inspired to get going on the 2nd month of Write1Sub1. It is no surprise that I am way…waaaaay behind on my self-imposed schedule of ALL THE STORIES but as long as I am actually actively writing, I can’t complain or feel guilty about it. All I can do is vow to do better.

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  1. Oh wow, Mary, that’s beautiful.

    My great grandfather was a writer and newspaper editor, and everyone always points to him and smiles when they talk to me. I love that link.

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