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lockwood_ebookAfter struggling artist Regan Lockwood receives a mysterious gift from her father, her work begins to take on a horrifying tone. Terrified of this darker side and her unraveling sanity, Regan is forced to confront her father and unearths a decades-old secret from her family’s past.

Publication Date: June 2014
Originally published: Winter 2010

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Dark and eerie, this would make a wonderful rainy midnight read.
“Like any good junkie, Regan Lockwood turned her habit into an art form.”
Regan, an art student vying for a placement in Waterford Gallery, sees her artistic output begin to change in tone after receiving an antique wooden box, a Lockwood family heirloom, containing artist’s crafting tools and pigments from her father. The image she paints subconsciously with these new old tools is dark, unsettling and the best piece of her career. Shaking her foundation and making her look for answers. But all families that are wealthy from old money have closely concealed secrets, traditions and legacies that always find their way up the family tree.

review_zach“The Lockwood Collection” is a fantastic short read. Heavy and relevant, the subject matter included, which doesn’t appear to have a scientific title… yet, seems to be a hot topic issue at the moment but has been prevalent throughout Europe, in a less (debatable) morbid fashion. I.E. Catacombs, Sedlec Ossuary. But an artist dabbling in this medium has to expect (or maybe is hoping for) a shroud of darkness to permeate their lives. Equal parts chilling and curious. I loved “The Lockwood Collection” and experienced some shivers while reading it.

This is my first taste of Mary Rajotte’s work and I am sold. I will be reading more.
~ Zach @ The Mouths Of Madness Podcast

Appealing Horror
review_miasbeckThis is a thoroughly readable short horror story that for once does not deal with vampires or zombies.

The aspiring young artist Regan Lockwood wants nothing more than to finally get her own exhibition. So her father’s gift comes just right: A collection of old brushes and colors belonging to the family for a long time. What Regan is going to do with this is, now let’s say, “surprising”.

I would not exactly call me an expert on the subject, but this story has something. Too bad it is so short. One would like to know what’s going to happen next in the Lockwood family. I think the author should have the confidence to try for a longer format.
– Matt B.

A Mummy Tale Like No Other

“I appreciate stories about artists or writers being haunted by their art. This well-written tale did not disappoint. A unique take on the creepy mummy tale, it’s one that will stick with you long after you’ve shut off your Kindle for the night.”
– H.G. Estok


 Inklings: The story behind The Lockwood Collection


Inklings is a series of posts where I share the inspiration and a bit of background on how a story seed became a finished tale. Here’s a little more information on The Lockwood Collection.

ALERT! SPOILERS AHEAD! If you don’t want the surprise to be ruined for you, I’d suggest reading the ebook before you delve into the methods to my madness. No seriously…I’m giving the twist away…I’m not kidding…You’ve been warned!

mummyI’ve already talked briefly about The Lockwood Collection and how I came up with the concept of Regan Lockwood and her art, but I didn’t really elaborate for fear of ruining the reveal for readers. Well, it’s time I pulled back the cover and shared a bit more detail on Regan’s journey.

I mention in the story that Regan’s grandfather was an explorer, journeying throughout Egypt and going on countless expeditions.

One of Preston’s discoveries is “mummy brown” paint. In the 16th and 17th centuries, mummy brown was a real substance, made from white pitch, myrrh, and the ground-up remains of Egyptian mummies. Apparently, though, once artists found out what was actually in the paint they were so fond of using, populatiry for the substance died off (hardy-har-har).

Yeah…I know. When I stumbled across that little tidbit of information, I knew I had to use it in a story! In fact, I built the entire story from that little nugget alone.

I looked over my original story notes from when I wrote the story back in 2009 and the original plot didn’t vary much from what I first came up with while brainstorming.

During those many brainstorming sessions, I built a lot of backstory, much of which is only hinted at in the short story, but that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about it. In fact, my plan now is to write some companion pieces and put together a collection of stories all centered on the Lockwood family.

I’ve already actually written a “prequel” story of sorts, which highlight Preston Lockwood’s exploration and discovery in Egypt, as well as another story which focusses on a cousin of Regan’s and her own strange discovery that is related to the family secret.

With a few other ideas in various stages of development, I’m really looking forward to getting to work on the collection and indulging in my fascination with all things Ancient, all things Egyptian, more strange discoveries and of course…more mummies!

When I workshopped this story, all of my beta readers said they wanted more, and I have every intention of delivering!

So there you go! A little glimpse into how Regan and the Lockwoods came to be, and a teaser of more to come!

I hope you enjoy the story! May it scare the bejeezus out of you!

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