The Secret Lives of Scribes

My fiancee, my friends and family, god bless them. They are supportive. They hoot and holler just as much as I do when I get a piece published. But…they don’t write.

Only other writers get it. The roller coaster ride of being a writer. How, as much as we deny it, we love the valleys as much as we do the peaks.

Because there’s a feeling you get…a tingling from your scalp to the very tips of your fingers as the first ideas of a story begins to spark; the mystery of imagining and the piecing together of ideas to create a new world, character, etc.; those first few pages that seem to have been plucked out of the ether to flow magically from your pen to paper; the tension you feel when you’re stuck, and you push and pull with yourself until finally you break through and have that “A-ha!” moment and suddenly are swept back up into the romanticism of it all in a frenzy of scribbling as ideas rush at you all at once.

See? To the outside observer, this may sound like torture. But to the writer – it’s Utopia.

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  1. It’s true; both that it’s utopia, and a lonely one. It’s always been something I kept to myself until pretty recently, when I realized, hey, I’m not the only one. Which is nice. I mean, we can say we don’t care what anyone else thinks, but even the most misanthropic of us must be a somewhat social creature, right?
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