WIP Wednesday: Ums and Uhs

A little teaser - inspiration for my latest WIPIt took a little brain-twisting but I finally nailed down the premise for my crazy little story idea, so the past few days have been spent working on my latest WIP.

This photo is my inspiration…

I won't even talk about the fact that all my other WIPs groaned at the thought that they would be put squarely on the backburner (but there are so many of them now, there is no risk at any of them feeling alone).

I've run the gamut on writing this one: handwritten notes, sitting at the keyboard tap-tapping away, and today, I dusted off my trusty headset and dictated the latest session directly into my voice recognition software.

I've also made some discoveries along the way:

  • my voice is very nasal-sounding (not in a Fran Drescher kind of way but nearly); I should definitely not harbour the dream of taking a job in voice-over work
  • while saying 'um' and 'uh' my inflate my word count quite nicely, they do not make for compelling storytelling; thank you DEL key

So, now that my dreams of reading you all a creepy little bedtime story have been dashed, it's back to the writing nook for me.

If you’re a writer participating in WIP Wednesday, post a link to your blog in the comments!

Fellow WIP Wednesday participants:

* Aaron Polson: WIP Wednesday – The Taint of Teenaged Angst

Did you know that Aaron has released his short story collection, The Bottom Feeders and Other Stories, as well as a special "bonus edition" via Smashwords for 99 cents? High-tail it over there and grab a copy! 

* Cate Gardner: WIP Wednesday – Draft Dodger

The lovely Miss Cate's short story collection, Strange Men in Pinstripe Suits and Other Curious Things, will be published by Strange Publications! For now, you can read stories by Cate at her blog

* Katey Taylor: WIP Chugs Along Happily

Hi-fiving addict and kick-ass cool chick Katey will be featured in an upcoming edition of The New Bedlam Project

* Writing buddy Barry Napier also has great news to share – his chapbook The Final Study of Cooper M. Reid is available for pre-order. These babies are limited edition, yo! Better snap one up while you have the chance. Barry will also be pimpin' his writing in an interview with Kody Boye on The Tattered Muse this Friday

* Kudos also go out to Natalie Sin, who I hear has just received an acceptance for one of her smutty little tales. Go Nat!

* Writers! Artists! Are you looking for a way to connect, network and help out your fellow creative-types? Join The Creative Alliance! No dues are collected and with such a deep talent pool, you'll have no problem gathering a healthy supply of tips on how to do away with that pesky neighbor

Photo by Katherine Carington Smith

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12 Responses to WIP Wednesday: Ums and Uhs

    • You should! It definitely helps to keep me on track, knowing that I’ve made that promise to myself to try & post every week. If I haven’t done any writing, I feel badly and get back to it so I’ll have something to talk about.

    • You’re very welcome!

      It could also be my headset – it was the free one that came with my voice software. At least, that’s what I tell myself so I won’t get a complex. 😉

    • Five-year-old or nasally? Which is worse? 😉

      The nook is usually pretty good to me. I don’t always behave when I’m in the nook, though. Stupid Twitter!

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