WIP Wednesday: Preliminary Squee

Shroud 8In anticipation of the release of Shroud 8, I am practicing my squee.

My story, Like Flies to Honey, is included in the Winter 2010 issue:

108 pages of With Bram Stoker Award winner, Brian Keene, Kealan Patrick Burke, Kevin Lucia, Gemma Files, Derek M. Fox, Nathaniel Lambert, Belinda Frisch, Craig D.B. Patton, Jeff Edwards, Richard D. Findlay, Mary Rajotte, Glen R. Krisch, Joe Nazare, Norman L. Rubenstein, Lawrence Vernon, Ginger Nielsen, and Tim Deal, and more.

Interviews with Joe Morey, David Conyers, Joe Schrieber and Lisa Mannetti. Beautiful cover and woodcut embellishments by Danny Evarts!

Brian Keene's Seminal Screams; Kevin Lucia's Top reads for 2009! Norman L. Rubenstein's Specialty Press Showcase.

Did you catch that? My name is on the cover. On. The. Cover. ~cue squee ~

I'm so stoked, you don't even know. Then again, you probably do know, since many of my readers are fellow writers and published ones at that.

If you're so inclined, the Winter 2010 issue of Shroud is available for pre-orders now from the Shroud website.

Once the issue has been released, I'll be putting up a dedicated page to my story, and I'll include my inklings column, which gives a little background info on how I came up with an idea for those of you who are interested in that sort of thing. There may even be a little giveaway ~wink~ so stay tuned. You can see Inklings in action on the page for my Northern Haunts tale, Creepy Crawleys.

Now that my excitement has been shared, it's time to get back to work so I will have other publishing credits to celebrate in future.

WIP WednesdayCurrent WIPs

  • didn't get as much done last week as I'm still working on the same two WIPs
  • Made some edits last night to the short story which I'll be typing up today    
  • flash piece still needs a bit of tweaking (does the tweaking ever end?)

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