WIP Wednesday: Writing Posse

Peeps!No man (or woman, as the case may be) is an island. Surrounding oneself with a pool of writers is one perk of living the writing lifestyle, and seeing how people travel so differently down their own path is a treat that makes all those solitary hours worthwhile.

So, although I know part of the reason you are here is to see how I go about my journey as a writer, there's an extra prize inside the box. 

I'm going to take a break from talking about my insomnia, strange dreams, and ever-growing list of WIPS and shine the light on a few of the many writing superstars that I have the pleasure of knowing.

Here are a few chats that I'll be sharing in the near future with my fellow writers:

  • My buddy Barry Napier is making some serious waves in the writing community. Poetry, shorts, novellas, comic books – Barry has his finger in so many creative pies that I just have to find out how he does it all and still manages to find the time to consistently recommend great music to me. I'll be posting an interview with him soon in my Writing column
  • Another cool writing guy, Ian Rogers, has been kind enough to answer my very open-ended query for his experiences working with small presses, and I'll be putting that up soon, as well. Plus – he dressed up like one of the Dharma Initiative for Halloween. How can you not want to know what makes Ian tick?!

2 of my fellow Creative Alliance members will also be answering some hard-hitting (and hopefully not half-baked or hair-brained) questions soon.

  • I'll be showcasing the – yes, THEJenny Beanses this June as part of her blog tour
  • Plus, I'll be getting a sneak peak at Ro Van Saint's new ebook, Tales From The Abyss, and will be providing you with a double-shot of writerly tidbits, including an interview and review of the story

Phew! Seems like I've finally come out of hibernation! The writing life? It's good, my friends.

Oh yeah…..remember that little giveaway I mentioned? Look for the details to drop in the coming week or two here and on the Like Flies To Honey page. And get ready to put your thinking caps on. Free swag! You know you want it!

Fellow WIP Wednesday participants:

If you’re a writer participating in WIP Wednesday, post a link to your blog in the comments! More info on the WIP Wednesday initiative can be found at Kate Karyus Quinn's blog.

Fellow members of The Creative Alliance:

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11 Responses to WIP Wednesday: Writing Posse

    • Thanks Cate! I’ve always wanted to expand my focus (i.e stop talking only about myself!), and these interviews just happened to all coincide at once. I’m sure you’ll enjoy them.

    • It is! How can we complain? Sure, there are down times, but when I think of all those people slogging to jobs they hate every day, I realize how lucky I am!

    • I wonder if my Google Reader rivals yours? I’m at 389 feeds. Is that bad?! I’m hoping to put up my review next week and I’ll send you some questions then!

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