Writing Wednesday: Deadlines & Dead Lines

I always know when a story is done because I hate the sight of it and cannot stand reading it for another minute.This comes after:

  • the I'm-so-brilliant stage where I can't believe the amazing idea I concocted
  • the this-is-the-worst-thing-I've-ever-written stage, which comes when I am ~this~ close to being finished and am trying to avoid the inevitable ending and having to find something else to work on

The good news is I'm now at the it's-really-truly-finally-finished-and-I-kinda-like-it stage. Which means one more read, final polishing, and then I'll submit it.

I've been in a funk since Christmas and have started about a billion stories but haven't finished one so this is extra good news for me.

Thankfully I had a few good beta readers point out some places to improve, so I snipped the dead lines and now it's all shiny & pretty (or at least as pretty as a horror tale can be).

So, after I take my editing cap off, I'll be donning my brainiac cap for some new articles I'm working on. I picked up 3 new columns, and 2 of the articles I've claimed are new territory for me. I hope I don't blow it 🙂 But it'll be nice to branch out from always writing about writing. And having actual deadlines will help, since with Examiner I can post whenever I feel like it.

Anyway, you can check out my first article in the Books column at Bright Hub (okay, so I'm not in completely foreign territory with that topic. But feel free to comment!). I'll be sure to let you know when my other articles are out.

So, there you have it. Busy, busy as usual but it's all writing so it's also all good.

2 Responses to Writing Wednesday: Deadlines & Dead Lines

  1. Chikuba

    Having gone through a long funk myself recently I sympathize. Gotta have more of the “This is so brilliant” to get me rolling again.

  2. Yep, as always, it seems as though true art is never finished, only abandoned.

    Deadlines are a good idea – I really need to try those out some time… 😉

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