NaNo Day 4 – In The Beginning

Day 4 of NaNo is under my belt. After yesterday's pretty decent word count, things started out slowly today. But after a 2nd writing session later in the evening, I made up enough ground to cover the words I missed writing on Days 1 & 2. Woot!

I may have to bank some words tomorrow, though. Home renovations begin this weekend, albeit in small scope, I still may be too exhausted to do anything else. And you know how it is with these things. Chances are extra trips to Home Depot (*yawn*) and it taking twice as long as anticipated are – well…anticipated.

End-of-Day Word Count: 6749

4 most interesting words I've used in my NaNo Novel so far: lurked, innuendo, puking, git

– my male MC drinks bourbon
– I am finding it easier to slip into the voice of my male MC over my female. Maybe I should revise my post from yesterday
– slow start aside, I’m still having fun. Good thing, since it’s only Day 4 and all
– people are sighing way too much in this first draft

 No writing meme today. Too exhaustimicated.

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